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Seasonal treasures from the Kurushima Strait of the Seto Inland Sea.

Seafood fresh from the ocean

The daily catch from the sea is released into fish tanks in our inn. Then they are prepared into dishes with minimal cooking procedures to preserve the natural umami and flavor. You are sure to be amazed by the mixture of delicate tastes and culinary dynamism.

The natural madai of the Kurushima Strait is most delicious in spring and autumn. Their bodies are firm having swam through the rapid currents of the strait but in season they put on a layer of delicious fat.
The kijihata, also native to Kurushima Strait, is the king of whitefish. Its flavor peaks in summer and the solid texture remains even when it is sliced thin.
We cook fish that were swimming in our tanks until seconds before they end up in our kitchen.

When seafood is selected and cut by a skilled chef, it turns into an exquisite sashimi plate. We do not fix a menu by month -- instead, we study the catch of the day and decide the best way to serve it.

It takes time and dedication to make the perfect broth. Add one whole fresh madai to that, along with fried tofu and rice, cook them in a clay pot and you get a savory dish you will never forget. Each grain of rice is an embodiment of umami and love, even children keep asking for more.

The historical Murakami seafaring warriors must have celebrated their wins with the Kurushima Strait specialty Horoku-yaki on their ships. It can be prepared without water -- only needing fresh ingredients, earthenware, and coal fire. The only moisture is offered by the madai which concentrates the umami to immense levels. (We are often interviewed by TV programs about this dish.)

Experience our cuisine
Japanese full course lunch and dinner
¥6,600 (¥7,260)¥11,000 (¥12,100)
Lighter lunch set (from January to March)
¥3,700 (¥4,070) Sennenmatsu Specialty
Available for a limited time only
Includes Sashimi, Stewed Fish, Houroku-yaki, and Tai-meshi

The menu consisting of seasonal specialties is decided from the ingredients procured from the ocean that day so it cannot be announced in advance. However, we will cater to requests and additional dishes as much as possible. Every person in the same party must order the same plan.

*The rates within the parentheses include tax and service fees.

Children's Meal
¥3,300 (¥3,630)Children's favorites including sashimi, chawan-mushi,
foil baked hamburger patty, fried shrimp, etc.
*The rates within the parentheses include tax and service fees.