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Looking out at the ocean, mountains, waves and flowers -- the suites are designed to please your senses

All of our guest rooms are ocean view.

The windows face south toward the Kurushima Strait offering an exclusive viewing of the everchanging sea from dawn to dusk. Being an international channel, the strait has vessels of all sizes pass by daily. Let yourself relax and feel time slow down in harmony with the island.

Western style twin room

- Twin beds
- Adorned with traditional Japanese paper and plaster art
- Private balcony
- Occupancy 2 to 3
- In-room toilet & washstand
- Bathing available at Manten-no-yu

Japanese style suite with in-room bathroom

- En suite bathroom with tub & shower
- Occupancy 3 to 5

Large Japanese style room

- Two connecting rooms totalling 14 to 18 tatamis
- Occupancy 4 to 6
- In-room toilet & washstand
- Bathing available at Manten-no-yu

Smaller Japanese style room

- Approximately 10 tatamis in size
- Occupancy 2 to 3
- In-room toilet & washstand
- Bathing available at Manten-no-yu


Manten-no-yu Onsen

Sunrise, Sunset, Night-time. The open air hot spring has many faces all of which are worth enjoying.

Oshima Island is known for the Mikage granite which is used in our onsen (hot spring).

The open air bath is filled with heated fresh seawater directly from the Kurushima Strait right in front of your eyes. It contains abundant minerals and promises to enhance your metabolism by warming you up from deep inside. At night, the sky above you is full of stars and the far bank sparkles with the lights of Imabari City. A perfect thalassotherapy experience.

Organic Bath Products

At Sennenmatsu, our aim is for our guests to become totally refreshed from their stay with us -- and that includes a wholesome spa experience. We provide all-natural bath products from Abreeze and Coco Natura, both safe and gentle to guests of all ages and the environment.


Shampoo and Conditioner
Abreeze's biodegradable hair products contain organic plant-based ingredients which provide moisture, nourishment and healing. Your hair will feel different with just one wash.

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Body Soap

Coco Natura Body Care Soap is all natural and dispenses as soft bubbles that cleanse while preserving moisture. It is safe on sensitive skin, even babies.

Manten-no-yu Onsen bathing fee (Included for inn guests)
Adults (13 years and over) 950 yen
Children (2-12 years) 600 yen
*Tax included

Amenities: bath towel, hand towel, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, razor